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The demand for t-shirt manufacturer increasing with the popularity of knitwear fashion worldwide. So, to address this consumer demand we have equipped ourselves with necessary infrastructure. With our existing set-up, we added one more facility with a t-shirt manufacturing unit. Knitwear fabrics are little tricky to handle as it has stretch ability. So, to prepare premium quality knitwear you have tailors capable of handling those fabrics. We produce blanks with 100% cotton, blended poly-cotton, viscose, mercerized cotton knitted fabrics. Check our production capability and our production terms visit our apparel production unit. We have been serving clients from USA and EU region as clothing manufacturer for a long time.


T-Shirt Manufacturer – Manufacturer and Exporter of Blanks

Blank T-Shirt Manufacturer

We not only produce garments for brands but also supply t-shirts for promotional events. We can also customize t-shirts with prints and embroidery as per the events needs. Be it a corporate event, uniforms or promotional event we can manufacture it on demand. Clients producing t-shirts with custom prints now find it easier to produce with us. We as a t-shirt manufacturer can give the sizes you want and the color you want with ease. Also, you can go ahead with any number of pieces starting from 50 pics / color. We focus on empowering start-up apparel brands. Those who want to start and grow from their minimal budget. We respect your ideas and give our best to bring it to live. Our focus is to give every possible support to bring your idea to a live and selling apparel brand.


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In any business, every day is an uncertainty. Some days could pan out well for you, or it could pan out not so well for you. The outcome depends on the way you choose to react to the opportunities coming on your way. You get your directions and put your efforts based on the way you visualize. So, visualize the way you want things to go down and do whatever you can to make them manifest that way. The best way to ensure that things go brightly is to stay positive.  This way you can show your surrounding how you want things to be, and it might just follow along. Avoid negative people who like to focus on things that are wrong, and you’re likely to stay more cheerful yourself.


To build your clothing brand you need technical designers, clothing manufacturers, and marketers. Yet, you need them in synchronize way to run and grow smooth and fast. Since, this is quite not possible to have everything at once place brands end up paying more to consultants. Furthermore, finding them on time and executing work with proper co-ordination is too difficult. We have experienced the difficulty that leads to financial loss. Most of all clients pull out of their venture due to the multi-dependency nature of clothing business. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced our service from concept to customer. Here we provide complete end to end solution to clothing brands. They can avail our step by step service starting from concept to customer. We provide clothing design, tech pack, clothing manufacturing, and e-commerce service under one roof. As all the services are in one place execution becomes much easier.


Fashion Studio & Clothing Manufacturer Specialized Custom Clothing Manufacturer


Established in 2008 we serve as fashion studio and custom clothing manufacturer. We also offer highest quality blanks for streetwear brands with a limited MOQ of 50 PCs. We do custom clothing design and manufacturing for established brands also. Moreover, we offer tech pack design service for brands. We also have our online store for tech pack template. Our tech pack template store has hundreds of tech packs and measurement spec sheet ready to use.


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