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Branding Designer Clothing – Creating a Great Brand Identity


Brand identity Building is tricky based on the competition you face in the market. Before we step in to the branding part, we must understand what it means. Branding means positioning your label in a way that customers look for your brand only. Fashion and apparel is a very vast field and it is impossible to touch every segment. So you got to find your niche and focus on creating a market dominance. The value of your apparel brand depends on how you are projecting your brand in the market. Off course you need to focus on marketing and promotion. But branding is much more than that. It needs to have a proper mix of product, price, place, people and promotion. These are the basic rules of marketing yet if you go deep in to it your answers lies in this.

Components of Brand Identity

Building a designer clothing brand is never a one man’s job. You got to associate and got to have a team to back you. Associating yourself with quality technical clothing designer and production units is always helpful. At least you have somebody to back you to execute ideas to tech packs that factories understand. So that you can give your 100% focus on where you are needed the most. For startups it is difficult to have a lot of people on board. In this case you can hire on contract or freelance basis. But getting right people is a challenge and you need to do research on that. Once you have somebody, try to work with them for a longer period. This will build trust and sense of ownership for both and that helps in leveraging your brand.


Brand Identity Process For Startup Clothing Brands


Brand identity design is important and needs due attention for startups. It’s important to define the ethos behind the brand. The visual representation of the brand send the same message to the consumer. For example the logo, or tag line should be simple to remember.


Brand Identity is the most important goal that an upcoming label want to achieve. And this is something you need to work consistently to achieve. Those brands that have build their brand identity have something unique to offer. For Example Nike provide the best quality shoes for athletes and fitness. Tommy Hilfiger Inspired by iconic pop culture and Americana heritage. Polo Ralph Lauren is famous for its positive consumer perceptions of its classic designs. Believe me those brands have put their blood and sweat to create the image. To make a brand successful, you need great designs, perfect fit and marketing. All this three things are equally important. And if you are starting you need to have a tech pack designer to assist you.


Building Brand Identity


A successful collection should speak for itself. Something that distinguishes you from other brands, and becomes your unique selling point. And success of a brand depends on percentage of sales growth compared to previous period. If the graph goes up then you are growing. Also the consistency of your growth is very important. Many struggle to find the brand images a stay consistent. To bring a brand to an auto mode, you need to be consistent in your effort and that to time and again till you reach auto mode. There needs to be a balance of both great product and perfect marketing to build a stable brand identity. So it’s the job of both apparel designer and marketing division to work together.


Brands want to make it something not just for the style, but with an important story inside. Something that you wear it cause you feel what does it mean, something exclusive. For a startup building a brand identity is bit tough . As a fashion startup the way you want to order inventory will decide how you are moving forward. Generally startups choose to order their inventories in two ways. Lets categorize them as Inventory Model and Pre-Order Model.


Ways to Approach for Branding For Your Clothing Line


Inventory Model : You order inventory and keep stock before uploading your e-store. This helps build social proof and please your initial customer with fast delivery. You can also leverage social media with pieces from your initial customers. This is a good boos to your brand building and brand identity. In this model you need to invest on producing garment, shipping and keeping stock. And if your products are good, you will gain the initial boost to your brand identity.


Pre-Order Model : If you are not sure, do a pre-order. those who are not sure, do a pre-order. Keep in mind that in this model, people tend to distance themselves from this kind of offer. Because, it’s stressful for both customers and the brand owner. Waiting for 3 to 4 weeks sucks when you are going for a product that you like. So, growth of a business that adopts this model is slow or moderate. This model is good when you are doing wholesale and dealing with retailers and stores who want to invest on your brand. You can prepare the line-sheet and show them. But, you have to prepare the sample and do photo shoot.


If You Throw Peanuts You Get Monkeys : Be Ready To Invest


If you are working on getting your brand up and running you better be serious and ready to invest. Begin with selection of collection line-sheet, tech packs and do sampling. Once you are ready, you can start searching for a manufacturing vendor. Also, you should be ready to do bulk order matching to the MOQ of the clothing manufacturer. If you are not planning those pointers before starting you got to get a disappointment. Else you will lose things important to your brand. And time you spent finding right company and materials to use. Manufacturers also see if a client is serious or just browsing. If you are not ready with Tech packs and ready to place order they will simply avoid you with lame excuses. You will get a response that the factory would be happy to supply you once my brand is more established.


So, My suggestion is to go for a tech pack designer once you are done with your selection of styles. If you are a beginner and do not have any experience read this blog post ” how to give your style ideas a shape“. As a technical designer my job is to give my readers and clients right advise and see them grow. After you finish reading the post I suggested if you are ready to start, feel free to get in touch with us through our website. I get lots of emails through that and I choose those whom I feel are promising. So, before convincing me, you should convince yourself first. Good luck!!


Apparel Brand Identity Design Service From Urban Purple


Many startups come to us with their unique concept and some of them are quite promising. Here our job is to justify their creative idea and shape it in a way that appeal to the market. Our creative and technical designers work closely with our clients. It needs a lot of research to give a branding solution. We try to understand the clients league and make a strategy to help compete with other brands. It not only helps in making steady progress but also keeps the clients morel high. Our focus is to position our clients brand identity with right marketing mix. Our focus is to bring maximum customer attention without losing core value. Also, we have the best team of apparel technical designers to help in tech pack design. If you are looking for Tech Packs for common styles feel free to visit our online store ” Tech Pack Template “.


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