Apparel Design and Production Pricing Finding out the Cost of Production

Apparel Design and Production Pricing Negotiation and Closing Deal with Clothing Manufacturer

I get emails from apparel brands to get them production pricing with no input from their side. ” Can you get me the Costing for a T-Shirt style with a print on the front”. Most of all brands have similar queries related to apparel design and manufacturing cost. Most of all brands give half or no information while approaching clothing manufacturers. You must have some minimal information that you must know. After all, you have to give the right direction to technical designer and manufacturer. The questions relate to style, quantity, colors and fabrics. The quantity you want to produce and color? Printing techniques to be used in a garment? You cannot proceed even an inch without the above information. Please visit apparel production queries to know more about it.


Apparel Industry is still in the process of organizing itself since last 2 decades. Still, we are in the process where we can optimize our production in most effective manner. Garment manufacturing is labor-intensive and generates considerable job opportunities for lower and lower middle-class people. So, optimizing labour capacity by providing better facility is a challenge.


Production Pricing for street wear-designer t-shirts


Clothing Design & Manufacturing Clarification

We try to simplify the whole procedure of clothing design and apparel production. To do so, we follow a certain procedure to make it clear what our client requires for their brand. We have few validation points that clarify the feasibility of our client’s ideas. First of all, we make sure the creative idea of our client is commercially viable. Similarly, our clients also have some doubts and queries related to our capability. Furthermore, clients want to know how far we can support them. To make things simple we have summarized few of our client’s queries and put them in our general FAQ section. If your questions are not covered in FAQ section feel free to ask us. Our technical designers help you clarify your query to make your project run smoothly.


We are an integrated unit provide Services from concept to customer. We help build apparel brands and promote them with their key unique selling points. Hence, knowing our customers and their need is our first priority. Most of all our customers are start-ups and due to limited investment scope, we ensure they get all at one place. The focus is to Provide with all necessary service that an apparel brand needs to build its business.  We ensure that brands get the best possible service at least possible cost. Therefore, we offer all required services from design through clothing manufacturing at one place. To know more about our service kindly go through our website.

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