Colorways on Apparel Tech Pack Design Service

Colorways that Add Variety and Option to your Style Line Sheet

The success of your clothing line depends on how you present your styles with its colorways. Presenting your collection is incomplete without proper colorways. Wholesale buyers and store owners see if you have given color options to your styles. So what is colorways in a fashion tech pack ? Colorways are otherwise known as color options that you offer in a style. With each colorway the style detailing changes to an extent. For example, the graphics, embroidery colors. But that is not always necessary. Technical clothing designers give two to three color combos for a particular style. Buyers also can request for more colorways like for a t-shirt style some 4 to 5 color options.

clothing designer - colorways presentation

The success of your collection is a direct impact of the right combination of colors that you offer for a style. Your technical designer has a major role to play in helping you choose right colors as per fashion trend. It is important for a designer to pick a right seasonal color in demand and works around the collection. Color Options are an integral part of tech packs and should come with the package. Many technical designers charge extra for each colorway as a wrong practice. The colorway is a part of production tech pack and without which tech pack is not complete.


Consulting Technical Designer & Clothing Manufacturer for Colorways


Your collection becomes meaningful for buyers with colorways for each style. The demand for your styles has more chance than styles with no color option. Also, a right mix of color combination is important. With the color of the fabric, mix and match graphics and embroideries in your style. Use Pantone shades and pick the correct color code for your styles. If you are producing small quantity then consult your clothing designer and clothing manufacturer. Because most of the time there is an MOQ issue. Fabric manufacturers have MOQ for each color they produce. But if you choose colors from available fabrics then it does not affect much for your low quantity. Fabric manufacturers keep a set of colors which are fast moving and keep the stock fabric for those. So opt for ready fabrics and available colors if you want to produce smaller quantity.

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