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The demand for freelance technical designer high as start-up fashion brands do not have a budget to for dedicated design team. On the positives side, this helps freelance fashion designer for the USA brands and private labels and an independent career option for technical designers. Not to mention, you need to have some experience at ground level and in a production environment. As you consult brands and dealing with production planning your experience is a must. You get correct techniques and upgrade yourself with new methods as you work in a production environment. On the negative side, freelance technical designers lack real-time experience as they don’t get to work in a factory environment.


Freelance Technical Designer


What it takes to hire freelance technical designer to help your clothing line


As shown above, on the picture a tech pack has different parts and each part gives different information about fabrics, stitching process etc. All those information are executed simultaneously. Patterns are created from spec sheet given. Similarly, print screens are prepared with the help of print detailing. On the whole, the technical designer must know the details to plan the complete process of apparel production. Given these points, a clothing manufacturer can easily understand the style and its need and execute production smoothly. In short, a technical designer should be capable of executing an idea to a commercially viable creation must have following expertise.


  • Hold strong technical and pattern making skills.
  • Must be able to regulate and bring the solution in a fast-paced, creative work environment.
  • Knowledge of trims and trim development.
  • Understand construction of all garments and communicate with our factory on all production.
  • Good sense of color/lap dips and fabrics.
  • Preparing measurement spec sheet and size gradation.


Fashion Studio Urban Purple – Support System for Start-Up Apparel Brands


All things considered, we offer technical design expertise to creative ideas give a shape of commercial products. Clothing designers take your ideas in a raw sketch format. They analyze and process it to a production friendly apparel tech pack. With this tech pack, you can produce your apparel in factories anywhere in the world. Urban Purple is the high-quality tech pack design service provider in the USA for last 8 years. Up to the present time, we have been consulting top apparel brands in the USA as technical fashion designer consultant.  We make all attempt to understand our customer on fit and quality right from the beginning. By taking our clients business goal we use our trend and technical design expertise to achieve the best result. We have been the most preferred tech pack design service in the USA with 200 clients and continuing.


As technical designer and fashion consultant we come across a lot of brands who start with generic styles. Keeping this in mind we have come up with a quick solution. If you are looking for tech packs of generic styles like t-shirts, hoodies etc, wait no more. Visit our Online Tech Pack Template Store and you can purchase and download your styles immediately.


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