Freelance Tech Pack Designer Role In Collection Tech Pack Design

How do you hire a fashion tech pack designer to give shape to your collection ideas?  Also the timing when you should do it. If you ask me this, my answer would be “ask yourself are you fully prepared to do this?’. What i meant is before you hunt for a freelance tech pack designer, your collection ideas should be ready. You should be ready with collection and answers that a technical designer may have for you. Confused? Let me walk you through the process.

Freelance Tech Pack Designer

Putting Together Collection Line-Sheet With the Help of Freelance Tech Pack Designer


If you are serious in pursuing your apparel brand, it is important that you should stick to the process. This will be little expensive in the beginning but going forward this will save a lot of time and money. The first step and the most crucial step is to deciding up on your collection. Your collection must be in sync. Each style in the collection should relate to other styles in the collection. For example you cannot have a bridal wear dress in the collection of active wear collection. Remember, you have to do this all by yourself. No designer or consultant should help you or do this for you. Because this is your own vision and putting this in paper is your job. Refer to the post ” how to give your style idea a shape” for more details


You being a start-up apparel brand, we can understand the financial constraints. It is understandable if you lack in funds in beginning but that is not an excuse to skip tech pack design. This will only do worse to your brand development. A tech pack helps organize sampling and production process and reduce time and money. A tech pack makes it easy for a clothing manufacturer in many ways and also dictates terms in your favor. Moreover, manufacturer takes things seriously when you present your styles with tech packs.



Role of Freelance Tech Pack Designer


Once you prepare the collection line-sheet, you are ready to move forward to the next step. The next step is preparing technical design and spec sheet of your collection styles. This is the most crucial part of your brand development. You definitely need to hire a freelance tech pack designer. Wondering why you need this and how this is going to help in your business? Well, a freelance fashion tech pack designer helps in putting together technical input. Technical input to your collection ideas and vision. If Art as your vision, science is to convert it in to reality and commerce to calculate how much cost took to do it. In short you need all the streams to run a business.


Systematic and Organized Way of Presenting Style Idea:


Well now that you know you need tech pack, you must be wondering why the heck you want this thing. The tech pack is a tool that sums up the information and presents it in a systematic and organized way. This helps clothing manufacturer and associated supporting units to understand what to do. Tech pack explain garment detailing in a way that clothing manufacturer understand no matter where they are. Every detail of the design is mentioned in the tech pack to make it easy for the clothing manufacture to follow. Having said that, it makes a tech pack designer job more and more responsible and detail oriented. That is one of the reasons technical designer salary is better than others in garment industry.

The traditional way to source vendors is through trade shows, and factory visits. All those will enable you to see the vendors and their product quality. However, If you are considering overseas vendors, there is a problem. It is even more expensive meeting vendors in person. The only way you can get in touch with them is through online. The only way you can speak to any overseas vendor is if you are well prepared. A freelance tech pack designer can help you prepare your collection so that you are in a position to speak. Believe it or not this is the only way you can deal with overseas clothing manufacturers.


The Best Way to Reach Overseas Clothing Manufacturers:


First of all you need to be sure of what you want to produce. Approaching with vague queries like “I want produce shirts how much it cost?” will lead you nowhere. They don’t have time to speak to you over and again to understand your style. They are ample of inquiries and every day they meet at least 3-4 new buyers.  So you cannot go to a manufacture without preparation. The best way to prepare is by being ready with tech pack and spec sheet.  You need to be specific and go to clothing manufacture with tech packs even if you are approaching a small one.  If you are ready with tech packs it becomes easier to get quote from clothing manufacturer. Standard procedure of approaching clothing manufacture is through tech pack. To do so you must contact a fashion house or hire a freelance tech pack designer.


There are several websites and marketplaces are there to confuse you. You will get hundreds of suppliers but none of them you can trust. And when you are hiring a company it is expensive for you as you are a start-up. So the only solution that you have is to find out freelance tech pack designer to support you throughout. This will help you prepare tech packs and be specific when you approach manufacturer. Be sure you to be prepared with your inputs that you can share with your clothing manufactures. Because once you miss the chance it will be difficult to get hold of them. Get some Intel about the manufacturer before meeting. Also, meet or contact them with your tech packs and most importantly order quantity. With the preparation you can expect a decent quote and time line from manufacture.


Online Store for Tech Pack and Apparel Graphics & Prints


Visit tech pack template store if you are starting a brand with styles everyone using with your own brand name or some graphics artwork to customize. You may buy the tech packs to send it to clothing manufacturers. With this tech pack template you may add your graphic artwork and logos. You can save hundreds of dollars with these tech packs. The tech packs are developed professionally and are tested several times in real time production process.


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