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It is important that a clothing designer knows and understand rules of pattern design to prepare well fit garment. Illustration and designs give a visual representation. Therefore, to convert the idea to a wearable garment, one must have the knowledge of technical design and pattern making. Pattern making is an age-old occupation and full of unwritten rules. Computer-aided pattern design is yet a new concept which most of the present pattern designers need to improve. Preparing an apparel pattern that gives a perfect garment fit in one go is quite rare. Therefore, garment fit pattern design and sample development go through several testing processes.


Apparel Pattern Design and Grading Service


Pattern Design and Grading Service


In addition to tech pack design, pattern making and size grading are the second most important stage in apparel production other than apparel tech sheet design. When you send the tech pack to factory till that point the style and its detailing are in the planning stage. The first step of execution starts with the pattern making. We make base pattern and factory prepares a mock sample to make sure fits are correct. If there is any gap technical designer check the gap to fix it and approve the pattern.


If you don’t have a pattern, we will help you to make one. We must make a pattern of your garment before we can make your first sample. Additionally, every time you adjust or alter your garment, we have to alter the pattern. Fashion Studio Urban Purple is coming up with a challenging approach to developing digital patterns for customized apparel. With a couple of clients who are doing customized clothing. We are trying to prepare the custom patterns to fit with different consumers having different garment fits. To ask a quote for pattern design please send us your query through our contact form.


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