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Measurement specification sheet is the most important part of tech pack for a style. So in preparing measurement spec sheet, some brands prepare mock sample to get the fit right. Preparing correct spec sheet forms the base for pattern design, sampling and production. As a practice clothing manufacturers always ask for tech pack before sampling. So unless you have the tech pack and spec sheet its not easy to approach any clothing manufacturer. So whether you start an apparel brand or producing for promotional purpose, spec sheet is a must. If you are looking for ready tech packs and garment spec sheet template, visit our online store. 


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Garment Measurement Specification Sheet - Clothing Designer


There are three important measurements a technical designer needs when preparing spec sheet. Length from HPS, Chest and Bottom. A pattern master needs those for one size to make measurement Spec sheet. The technical designer needs length, waist, and bottom for a particular size. This should be enough to derive the complete spec sheet. Technical Designer need the base measurement to prepare the garment measurement specification sheet. As clothing designer, I see many apparel brand struggle to get correct fit. My first question to them is ” what major brand they like to follow? This is one of the basic questions which may solve your problem to a large extent.


Understanding Measurement Spec-Sheet


There are two ways of taking measurement in fashion industry. One way is by taking garment measurements and other methods is body measurement. This is the most common way is development of garment specification sheet. Understanding how to make a spec sheet for a garment is not a job of one day. You need years of experience to master in fashion measurement. To prepare a spec sheet a designer must know the points of measurement. Points of measurement are the graphical pointers given on flat sketch of the garment. Using this the pattern maker checks the measurement and prepare pattern.


People in the United States itself have two different measurement specs. One for big and tall people and other one is regular measurement specs. People from Europe also follow different measurement specification according to the geographical region. This depends on body fit of different people around the world. Indian size chart, for example, is smaller than EU and USA measurement spec sheet. So, you must fix your standard measurement based on your geographical location. For that a designer would be handy. A clothing designer who has worked in this area for a long time would have that research data. Based on this he / she can prepare the spec sheet of your brand.


Measurement Specs


Garment Measurement Specs with Gradation


A tech pack is never complete without graded measurement spec sheet. This would decide the cost of your garments based on consumption. Moreover, a perfect fit of your garment may give a boost to your clothing line. Most successful sportswear brands gain popularity due to their fits and comfort. Clothing designers spend efforts in achieving right fit and comfort in their collection. You need to put effort on sales and that comes only when you focus on fits and detailed measurement specs. Measurement specs and tech packs are not the same thing. There is a difference between specification sheet and tech pack. Spec Sheet only gives clarity on measurement which is useful to prepare the pattern. And a tech pack is a complete package to create a garment sample.


If you are looking for ready to use tech packs and go ahead with apparel production, visit tech pack template store. There are 100s of pre-tested fashion tech packs with detailed measurement spec sheet. You can download and use it right away.


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