Fashion Flat Sketch Technical Drawing That Form Base for Tech Pack

Fashion Flat Sketch is the first step to give the first technical shape of a garment style. Tech pack designer first prepare the fashion flat sketch and approve with fashion buyer to go ahead further. So technical designer should make correction and change with client at this stage. Once it is done the tech pack designer should go ahead with the tech pack. But if you are not getting your approval at this stage, it results to a long-term work and takes time and money. So, tech pack designer should approve fashion flat from client right from beginning. Fashion flat sketch should also help in preparing collection line-sheet. This is also useful for marketing of your collection with fashion buyers.


Fashion Flat Sketch


We specialize in the art of shaping your raw idea to a product that people can relate and accept it as a part of their life. Our core strength with fashion technical drawing helps buyer bridge the gap between their idea with manufacturer. Whether it is daily wear or for any special occasion your collection must define your brand. We act as a supporting string to bring your concept to a real collection line-sheet. Our tech pack designer offer creative and technical advice that adds value to your brand. We add value to your collection with trend-right categories from graphics to silhouettes. 


Fashion Tech Pack Design & Technical Fashion Flat Sketch Design Service


Technical designer need your brand’s core concept to design fashion flat sketch. Your idea and concept gives the vision to the designer to give shape to your collection line sheet. Fashion flat sketch usually includes front, back and side view in black and white and in color if needed. At this stage it is important to keep in constant touch with the tech pack designer. This is to meet desired shape of your styles in the line sheet. To make sure that we are on the same page we keep constant eye on clients ideas and cross check at every step with you. It is also important that you should have a basic knowledge on the process of design and tech pack development. To know about tech pack design process refer to our blog. 


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