Technical Fashion Flats – Foundation of Tech Pack Design and Manufacturing

Fashion Flats and Technical Drawing


Technical fashion flats in other words flat sketch or flat drawing give an idea of the style. To put it differently, it shows the front view, back view and side view of the garment. The purpose of making the technical fashion flats is to convey how a garment should look like. This also specifies the stitch and construction marks. Technical fashion flats are the important part of an apparel tech pack. So it is crucial for a tech pack designer to give enough importance to fashion flats and technical drawing properly.

Technical Fashion Flats

What is Fashion Technical Drawing or Technical Fashion Flats


Technical fashion flats are the first step in technical design. This forms the basic realistic visual of ideas. It consists of the front view, back view and sometimes side view of the garment if required. The client’s approval for technical design starts from here. Technical designers usually submit the technical fashion flats to the client to make sure both are on the same page. Any changes required to the style are done right at this stage. Brands may comment on any changes that they need in the style are easy to do. If we get pass this stage and in a later stage, you get any changes the whole process of tech pack need alteration. This leads to a lot of wastage in time.


Advantage of Technical Fashion Flats


To come up with a good style with a perfect fit, the starting point is technical fashion flats. This forms the base for a good tech pack and if you are having a good tech pack almost half of your job is done. You can send this to any clothing manufacturer to develop your sample. But, if you don’t have good tech pack, manufacturer tends to ask you details again and again. This leads to confusion difficulty in getting a perfect sample. You must hire a technical clothing designer and prepare tech packs before approaching a manufacturing vendor. Follow the steps to convey your ideas to a clothing designer. This clarifies and streamlines your ideas in a systematic way. This also shows how you can develop your apparel brand with organized manner. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you still have difficulty.


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