Fashion Flats Illustration – Clothing Designer Basics

Fashion Flats Illustration – Stunning Style Idea Starts From Here

Fashion flats from the visual representation of the garment style that a designer envisioned. This also forms the first blue print that a technical designer uses to prepare a factory ready clothing tech pack. Flat sketch only gives the overview of front view, back view and side view of any garment style. So for a technical designer its important to know how to prepare cad based fashion flats and add technical details in to it to form an apparel tech pack. You can also use the flat sketch to prepare your line sheet, marketing presentation .technical flats sketches are essential for anyone working in the fashion industry and form the base of the tech pack development and pattern design.

fashion flats begining of Clothing Line-sheet Designer collection

Technique of Preparing Fashion Flats

You can prepare Fashion Flats in hand or by using CAD software like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Flat Sketch consist of front view, back view, side view and view of inside out depending on the fashion style. Ideally it should give a 360 degree angle of the garment style. While drawing flat sketch it is useful to have ruler, French curve tools to draw curves and straight lines and various cuts. You may also use your hand and make freehand outlines and light dotted lines to show the sketch. Once done You can prepare the inner detailing of the garment depending on the style.

Fashion industry now prefer to use cad based fashion flats and illustration. This help fashion designers and garment manufacturers produce garment accurately. Print screen, Patterns, Embroidery Cad files and other related developments becomes quite easy with the use cad based fashion flats and Clothing Tech Packs. Fashion Flats are part of Tech Pack Design and forms major role in Pattern Development and garment sampling. Every Clothing Designer must know how to prepare flat sketch and Tech Packs.

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