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Fashion flats or flat drawing often confused with illustration. Even people within the industry confuse with flat sketch and illustration. But in reality both are two completely different thing and their use is also different. Technical Fashion Flats are more related to practical expression of a style idea. Designer and manufacturer often use fashion flat sketches for design and manufacturing processes. So, technical designers prepare fashion flat sketches for technical demonstration of the style. Unlike illustration, fashion flat sketches are more of a technical drawing. The purpose of flat sketch is to explain and give a visual idea and explain the style idea at a glance. So, tech pack designer prepares tech packs and spec sheet based on the flat sketch. Flat Sketch consist of front view, side view and back view of the style.


What is a Fashion Flat Sketch ?


Fashion flat sketch is a 2-D line drawing of a garment made to explain the detailing of a garment style. Apparel designer draw fashion flats to explain style detailing in a tech pack. A fashion flat consist of front view, back view and side view of a particular garment style. A fashion flat sketch helps pattern maker and clothing manufacturer understand the style. And gives a bird eye view of a style to people involved in garment manufacturing process.


Fashion Flats


Fashion Flats and Fashion Illustration How They are Different


The purpose of illustration and flat sketch are different as per their usage. An illustration is drown to showcase how the style will look on a model. Fashion designers use illustration to present their collection line-sheet and various marketing campaigns. In short an is illustration is more on a creative side of fashion design. Where as a flat sketch is more of a technical drawing . So in a flat sketch, how it will look on a model or a mannequin is not so important. So, flat sketch is drown only in a two dimensional form. The style detailing and stitching lines are more focused on the flat sketch. And flat drawing are part of technical design and documentation. And the Fashion Flat Sketches are drown to create tech packs.


When you lay a garment on the floor or on a table flat, You can see Only one side of the garment. Along with this you can see the detailing of the garment on that particular side. Clothing tech pack designer prepare fashion flat sketch based on this theory. The basic purpose of the flat sketch is to give a clear vision of the garment style and its detailing. That is why In a flat drawing you will see three side view of the garment style. The front view, the back view and the side view of the style. A flat sketch is a 2D drawing with solid lines drown to explain the basic structure and detailing of the style. You can consider this as a blueprint like the blueprint for a building plan.


Fashion Flats and Tech Pack Design Service – Fashion Studio Urban Purple


It is very difficult to get a standard tech pack that is accepted in each and every factory in the world. That is why most factory send a lot of queries to apparel brand even after receiving tech packs. This is a common issue. Keeping in mind we have prepared Tech Pack Template that helps new and start-ups to avail with bare minimum cost. You may visit our Tech Pack Template Store and get tech packs of commonly used garments. Those tech packs are complete and pre-tested


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