Sourcing Clothing Manufacturing Unit For Small Run Production

Sourcing Small Order Clothing Manufacturing Unit for Startup Brand

Sourcing a clothing manufacturing unit for a small run production is a tough task. Most start-up apparel brands fail to start their business because of this. Even if they get one, the cost of production is so high that they hardly make any profit. There is few small order clothing manufacturer to support small run production. This discourages start-up apparel brands and seems a distant dream for them. To make this possible for start-up apparel brand we have come up with a solution. Fashion studio Urban Purple makes it possible with its apparel production packages. Our in-house clothing manufacturing unit help brands with production package.


Clothing Designer Clothing Manufacturing Unit


Looking for a clothing manufacturing unit to produce garments for your clothing line? The success of your brand depends on the vendor source you have. So finding a clothing manufacturing unit is a time taking and difficult process. Especially, when you want to produce garments in limited quantity. Bigger brands have their liaison offices in India and china. Established brands have their strategic tie up with overseas clothing manufacturers. This is especially a challenge for startup brands. Because of apparel brands with limited resource face issues with their clothing manufacturing. So finding vendors who can produce garments in small quantity is a challenge. You also have to make sure that they will produce to the quality that you want for your fashion label. And don’t forget, you have to find someone with a close working relationship.


Sourcing Small Order Clothing Manufacturer for Startup Brand


Coordination with technical designer and clothing manufacturer helps to streamline apparel production. Sourcing clothing manufacturer you rely on is an important part of building fashion business. You need consulting support from technical clothing designer with ground level experience. But the question is where you can find a small order clothing manufacturer to start your brand. We have introduced apparel production package for startup apparel brands to give kick-start. Please visit our website to know more about this.


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